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Every design you see here was designed using our Easy Stone™ Macro for CorelDRAW



All of our Rhinestone Fonts come in 3
variations to suit you best.



Rhinestone True Type Font - TTF Rhinestone Font

With a TTF Rhinestone Font you can simply type out any word in virtually any program just like with any other font on your computer and instantly have a stoned version of the words you need to create. We generally recommend having the TTF version of our fonts even if you are purchasing a Pre-Set ColorFlock™ Design File or a Pre-Cut ColorFlock™ Alphabet Template. With the TTF Font, making customer mockups in your Rhinestone Design program of choice is a breeze!


Pre-Set Cut Ready ColorFlock™ Design File


As you can see in the images below. A Pre-Set Cut Ready ColorFlock™ Design File will allow you to cut your own alphabet template out of whatever rhinestone template material suits you best. Yes you can even use StickFlock™ for your rhinestone template material. All the weedboxes have been created for you so each letter will line up perfectly to the next to create whatever wording you like.


Pre-Cut ColorFlock™ Alphabet Template


This option lets us do all the work for you. We will cut and weed the alphabet template using our ColorFlock™ template material for virtually the same price as purchasing the StickFlock™ template material alone. You save time and money because you don't have the extra work off cutting and weeding the template and the cost is only slightly more than your cost of the StickyFlock™ template material.






Easy Stone™ Templates - Boyz R Gross Font

Approx. .75 ss6 Stones, 1" Tall ss10 Stones & 1.4" Tall ss16 Stones





082112 - EST Boyz R Gross Rhinestone Font


Downloadable TTF Rhinestone Font
Only $8.99



Downloadable Rhinestone Font
Pre-Set ColorFlock™ Cut Ready Design
Only $14.99



Pre-Cut ColorFlock™ Rhinestone Alphabet Template
ON SALE! Only $28.00